R4.Architecture, LLC (R4A) gets it’s name simply based on the premise of its founders Ryan F. Singley, and Rodney B. Strohl have worked for over 30 years in 3 previous firms together, with R4A being their 4th firm.   R4A has brought the culmination of a variety of project and managerial experiences  into a streamlined modern work environment, that specializes in meeting clients daily needs.  Our repeat clients that have followed us throughout the years will tell you that our experience and our unique approach to complex issues that arise is why they keep coming back.  Our goal is to become part of your team as a co-worker and colleague  rather than an adversarial “drop and go” firm…we stay with you in the trenches.

We started R4A in order to be that specialized architectural firm that does not gloss over the important and real everyday project requirements.  We will help you with not just the pretty pictures, but also the nitty-gritty of what it takes to have a successful project.  Our staff is highly qualified and is available to get you answers.

R4A Resume-Ryan F. Singley, AIA

R4A Resume-Rodney B. Strohl, Assoc. AIA